After a time schools and businesses need to renew their computer hardware. What happens to the old equipment? We can refurbish and recycle your old equipment and guarantee no information is ever left on them.

Here at MSJ Computing we hate the idea of computers going to waste. We will therefore do our utmost to recycle all computer and I.T. technology possible.

Utmost in any companies mind must be the possibility that disposal of their old computers may mean that their Company data and Intellectual property may be released into the community. To prevent this many companies will just remove the Hard drive and destroy it.

Here at MSJ Computing we feel that this devalues the computer and is unnecessary. Using state of the art law enforcement standard software we are able to wipe these drives forensically so that no data survives, Each machine will be issued a certificate of data destruction and will be checked with a forensic investigation software package.

So if you want to dispose of your old hardware, or want us to do it for you just contact us and see what we can do.

Contact us to find out what recycling options we have for you, be that 1 computer or a 1000 we can organize for them to be recycled.

Don't let your sensitive data on old hard drives be stolen, once your computer is ready to be replaced we can wipe the hard drive so that nothing can be recovered.

Press the recycle button below to contact us about your old computers.

HDD Wipes

Finished with your HDD, but worried that their may be information on their you don't want shared. We can forensically wipe the drive so no trace remains.

Data Recovery

Managed to wipe, delete or lose an important piece of information, or a picture you loved? We have software that can recover much of what was lost.


Our experienced trainers have been training for a number of years and can now pass on their skills and experience to you. Individual or group lessons at a time and place to suit you.